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Initially I started out as a Country Furniture producer, and as my business expanded I added many varieties of Countryware and homewares that my clientele requested. At times I stock in excess of 80+ different pieces of wood furniture and matching Country Decorating accessories. Our Country furniture & homewares is characterised by our desire to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere within your home that your friends and family can enjoy. The Wooden Heart has an exciting range of country furniture and matching homewares that will help with your Country Decorating and transform your dreams into reality. Our product line ranges from larger items such as meat safes, hall stands, country cabinets and side tables to the popular smaller gift items such as coffee trays, wooden boxes, wooden photo frame, wooden trays, shadow box, country bathroom accessories, chalkboards, calendar frame, magazine rack and many other wooden furniture country products. I truly hope you enjoy your stay and are impressed on what my business has on offer.

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Please note that I have retired my business. I have had many years enjoying what I do, however getting time is now a big problem for me, hence some of the prior stockists have been moving my stock and no more deliveries will be made.

I truly trust you have fun navigating through my Wooden Furniture Web Site. Over many years now I have had enjoyment Creating and Manufacturing my Country Furniture range. I hope it helps somewhat in your Country Decorating themes.