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Country Furniture. Country Decorating Range:

Well I seem to be never ending designing Country furniture with the use of pine to manufacturer my Pine Furniture range. I hope you get some great hints from my Country Decorating range. You will see that my Country Style Cabinets are all made from Pine and can easily fit into any Country decorating theme. Yes I can remember that cheap pine furniture range, which by the way is still available and still with drab finishes. It really does not take much to design a range that not only look good and have a great looking finish, but can also fit into many types of Country Decorating themes.

Country Decorating with Pine Furniture
So if Country decorating is what you are after, hopefully my pine furniture range will give you some ideas and perhaps will fit in nicely within your decorating theme. I have provided a page link here to enable you to open a new window showing our full Country Furniture product and price range for your convenience.

Country Style Wooden Cabinets

This selection is all Pine Furniture.

Country Furniture

Item 17
Country Cabinet
Height 830mm, overall width is 510mm ~ 32 3/4 inches x 20 inches. This country style cabinet can be used in the bedroom as a bedside cabinet, or is totally at home in the living area. Decorate the top with a vase of country flowers or a family photo. You can easily see that with a little care, design and a great stain, Pine Furniture can look great.

Country Decorating with an old replica Meat Cabinet

Item 18
Display Cabinet
This timber cabinet is approximately 1130mm in height and 400mm wide x 400mm in depth (40 1/2 inches x 15 3/4 inches x 15 3/4 inches). An antique bronze knob and hinges are used together with a wooden peg to enable door to be held closed. A central timber shelf inside, together with fly-wire door and sides makes this country cabinet a great looking item.

Pine Furniture. Mini Wooden Cabinets

Item 21
Mini Cabinet
Approximate measurements are 1645mm high, 450mm wide and 275mm in depth (bottom), 64 3/4 inches x 17 3/4 inches x 10 3/4 inches in depth. These mini versions of a buffet and hutch are very popular for those that have limited space available. The mini cabinet can easily find a home in that ‘little space’ that regularly pops up in most households. We have also sold many of these timber cabinets to families whom have children living and renting shared accommodation in the city and are attending College or University. These products are great space savers.

Country Furniture. Meat Safe

Item 29
Meat Safe
The Meat safe stands approximately 1135mm high and is about 450mm square ~ 44 3/4 inches and 17 3/4 inches square. Fly-wire screen is used on doors and sides. Brassware is in antique bronze. This cabinet is one of my later designs and so far I have had great success in sales. Another version of this wooden Meat Safe can have the sides filled with ply timber rather than with fly wire and it looks great also.



Wooden Country Cabinet

Item 25
Approximate measurements are 1040mm long, 380mm wide and 900mm high ~ 41 inches long x 15 inches wide x 35 1/2 inches high. Fly-wire doors and sides are used. A very handy shelf at the bottom makes this timber cabinet very usable. Fittings are in antique bronze.

Country Furniture. Slim Wooden Cabinet

Same wooden cabinet as Item 25 however a slimmer version. A very handy piece of Country Furniture for that "narrow" part of the house.

Timber Wine Rack

Item 28
Wine Rack (type 2)
Approximate measurements 890mm high x 1000mm long x 400mm in depth ~ 35 inches high x 39 1/2 inches long x 15 3/4 inches in depth. Corrugated shelves are normally in a dark colour to match the stain. Shelves are made with common roofing material of the plastic/fibreglass types.

Wooden Hall Cabinet

Item 91
Hall Cabinet
The newest of my cabinets was manufactured in Jan. 2005. The approximate size is 820mm high x 290mm depth x 445mm wide ~ 32 1/4 inches high x 11 1/2 inches in depth x 17 1/2 inches wide. All brassware is in antique style. The slimness of the cabinet allows this wooden cabinet to fit easily in those narrow hall ways. A great item to sit your telephone on, or perhaps a vase full of country flowers.



Country Style Wooden Cabinet

Item 99
Country Wooden Cabinet
We welcome another design into our Country Cabinets. This timber cabinets overall measurements are 1000mm high x 740mm long x 440mm in depth (39 inches high x 29inches long x 17 1/2 inches in depth). A wooden central shelf is full width. Top quality fly wire screen sets the scene for an eye appealing unit.

I do hope you enjoyed my selection of Country Furniture. Country decorating with Pine furniture at its best!