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Woodworking Projects 2


A warm welcome to all the wood working visitors. Well you have found projects page 2 of my Wood Furniture and Australian Country Furniture site.
Many of the products found in these sections are custom made one offs, however it is where I get the ideas to possibly add them to my wood furniture product range. You will see a few wooden furniture items within the "projects" pages that have made it to my regular product lines.

Country Furniture

The cabinet on the left was manufactured in July 2003 as a custom order via a retail outlet. The cabinet was made for D. Nicholls. This particular cabinet is the same as Item 25 in my product list with the only exception that the depth is only 350mm. The ‘skinny effect’ on this country furniture cabinet looked excellent once the cabinet was completed. Whilst building this wooden cabinet I naturally kept the plan and measurements so as to enable quick reference to and future request.

Wood Furniture

July 2003
Wooden Bench Seat
This bench seat was an adaptation to the “bathroom seat” pictured at the top left of page 1. Measurements are similar, 1200mm long and approximately 960mm high. Client requested a little distressing on this particular seat. The bench seat was finished in a teak stain with clear matt finish. Who said that wood working was hard! (Made for Margaret & Peter)

Wood Working with Country Furniture

July 2003
Same version of Country Wood Furniture as the one on the above, however only 935mm in overall length. The smaller bench seat was made so as to fit easier into many of the smaller units and town houses that are in abundance throughout the cities and countryside. This particular wooden seat found a home in Camberwell Victoria and I know that it will fit nicely with your Country Furniture range. (For Michelle & Lauren)

Wood Furniture: Side Table

8th August 2003
As promised here is the new side table that I made this week for Jo. P. via a retail order through Bairnsdale Antiques. This side table will now become part of my Country Furniture product list. Heart cut-outs on the gallery back, a single drawer and the popular bottom shelf complete this project. A duplicate side table was made at the same time with the only difference being the exclusion of heart cut-outs on the gallery back. Both styles looked good. Hope you’re happy with the outcome Jo. and I know it will fit in nicely with your other wood furniture.

Wood furniture

7th August 2003
A one off order for customer via retail outlet Bairnsdale Antiques. The telephone cabinet was manufactured simultaneously with the side tables above. Amazing what you can do whilst other painted projects are drying! Another piece of Wood Furniture from The Wooden Heart. On a side note (April 2005) I have had several requests to manufacture more of the Telephone cabinet, so it does go to show that by keeping plans and templates, the manufacturing of similar items in the future come that much easier.

Wooden Photo Frame

13th August 2003
This item (mini ladder frame) was part of retail order which included the side table above. Client requested that the wooden photo frames take portrait style photo’s. I had been contemplating manufacturing a portrait style for some time now to compliment item 68 which is already part of my range. These wooden photo frames are one of my extremely popular Country Furniture items.




Well that's page 2 of my Country Furniture selections. If any wood working followers are out there feel free to to build any of my wood furniture range.