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Woodworking Projects 3


A warm welcome to all the wood working visitors. Well you have found projects page 3 of my Wood Furniture and Country Decorating site.
Seems like it's never ending designing and manufacturing wood furniture and Countryware items. Designing Country Furniture is like that! You just never know what is on the next agenda or around the next corner. I regularly receive emails from fellow wood working people and it always amazes me on many of the ideas that are flung around. I suppose that's why we are still building our favourite wood products and enjoying what life presents us.

Wood Working

18th August 2003
I am currently working on a design for a Timber BBQ caddy. The request originated from one of my outlets, Boatshed Quilting at Lakes Entrance. The caddy will be made to fit all the usual barbeque equipment such as knives, forks, spoons, salt & pepper, sauce bottle, serviettes, plates and other items that will fit. Current plan is to have a central handle and compartment areas for utensils. The BBQ caddy will become part of my product line; hence templates will be taken to help with manufacturing down the line. A great little wood working project! Photo added 25th August 2003

Country Decorating

28th September 2003
Sometimes being alert helps! I accessed some (6) display tables that were being replaced by a local store. Tables were approximately 900mm high with the top having an 800mm diameter. All were in perfect order and were made of MDF material. With a little imagination I decided to lower them to a height of 420mm and shaped the leg design to give a better dimension and look. Timber was bare, so it was quite simple to spruce them up with a paint scheme. I decided to place a base coat of ‘Dulux Camomile Cream’ (chip 125), followed by ‘Colour Effects Dynasty’ which was then sponged off. The end effect was a beige colour which would suit a majority of home or Country Decorating themes. This table would look great as a central room feature that could be decorated to suit.

Folding Timber Screen

2nd October 2003
Folding screen was constructed using 60mm x 18mm hardwood. Hardwood was used because of its rigidity and being ‘straight’. Job request was for no wooden securing bars to be fitted across the uprights except the top and bottom bars. Client wanted the full view of the cloth runners from top to bottom. The material insert was purchased through “Freedom Furniture” and are generally known as table runners. The screen is approximately 2.1mt high and the width of each partition is approximately 400mm. The table in front of the screen has a matching cloth “table runner” on top, enabling each piece of furniture to compliment each other.

Country Furniture

Country Decorating

4th November 2003
Bed head & foot
Order via Bairnsdale Antiques for Jo P. This order was to be an exact version of one I made over 12 months ago. A single mattress and base is simply attached to the bed posts (attachments not in photo). Standing at the foot end of the bed enables you to visually sight the hearts. With both beds sitting side by side in the one room and suitably decorated, they looked absolutely fabulous and fitted in perfect with the Country Decorating theme.

Wood Furniture

27th November 2003
Vegetable Storage Unit
This vegetable storage unit originated via a customer request at one of my stockists. As with all my Country Furniture line, the construction was finished so as the item was seen as “a piece of furniture”, enabling it to fit in any household. The unit stands approximately 570mm high by 270mm in depth. This item now becomes one of my standard product lines as item 32. A popular piece of my Wood Furniture line.


Business Card Holder

Item 93
Business Card Holder: I came across this little beauty in my travels. (actually enjoying a red wine with one of my neighbours) :-} It was a simple idea with round cylinder pieces of wood rolling down into a central piece of base timber. Rather than make the Business Card Holder out of pine, I decided to manufacture out of Australian Red Gum. The end result was an exciting piece of furniture that would make a great little gift item for that business person. No sooner had I made this item, several Business Card Holders were sold with the first one initially going to the USA.

Well that's page 3 of my Wood Furniture selections. Once again if any wood working followers are out there, feel free to build any of my Country Decorating range.