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O.K. Wood Working visitors, you have now found projects page 4. of my Country Furniture and Country Decorating site.
Yes, the Country Furniture range continues. Why? Firstly because I get self satisfaction and enjoyment out of wood working and secondly, the Country Decorating gals out there won't leave me alone. But I do still love you all. :-)

I don't think it will be long now when a projects page 5 and so on will evolve. Thanks for all the emails peoples. One email I got not long back made the comment "I can't believe that your items are made out of pine". Well the cost of manufacturing out of hardwood would make most of my Country Style Furniture and Countryware items too expensive and hence would mean that many of my loving clientele would miss out, as the cost would be out of reach. Yes I could and have made wood furniture out of hardwood in the past, however get I great satisfaction servicing my existing clients and keeping them happy.

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Single Drawer Set
This drawer set originated via an enquiry at one of my stockists. Customer requested a single drawer large enough to fit a telephone book. Top was to be in the same style as items 70/72. Overall the approximate measurements are, 246mm high, 340mm wide and 290mm. in depth. As the stockists have had several requests for this product over time, it has now been added to my Country Decorating product range.

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Chalk & Corkboard
There have been several customer requests via one of my stockists for an all in one chalkboard/corkboard (March 2004). The top section has a cork (4mm) inlay, with the bottom being black chalkboard with a handy duster ledge at bottom. If you are attempting to manufacture one of these items yourself, remember to place the chalkboard on the bottom section, otherwise you will have chalk dust all over your notes. Overall measurements are approximately 420mm wide and 700mm high. The Cork/Chalkboard will be added to my Country Furniture product line as item 72 and is just the thing for your Country Decorating theme!

Country Furniture

Buffet and Hutch
The Buffet and Hutch was a private client order (and friend) for Dawn C. The cabinet had to fit under a staircase; hence I had limited space to work with. The Hutch doors were fitted with glass so as to keep dust at bay and also to enable viewing of old crockery, glassware etc. Width of the cabinet is 1380mm and a height of 1770mm. Depth of the Buffet is 439mm and 349mm for the Hutch. All fittings were in Antique Bronze. One of those pleasures in wood working jobs and building Country Furniture! Updated note (March 2005), Dawn C. has just completed construction of a new home and the buffet & hutch found its way to a new position in this house. I viewed the outcome and the cabinet just happened to fit and placed under a wall air conditioning unit. The Buffet & Hutch looked absolutely great in its new position as well as the fact that more natural light was in this living room. The cabinet looked twice as good as before, hence I am very happy with the outcome.

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Heart Gossip Bench
Just in the designing stage again. (12th February 2004). I made one of these items many years ago with the concept being a small seat, connected to an open styled cabinet. This time I decided to add a handy drawer and include cupboard doors. With the telephone sitting on the cabinet you can sit beside and talk your heart out! The Gossip Bench will be included as a main product line as item 86. Notice that this piece of Country Furniture has had the Country Decorating effect added. (Photo added 14th March 2004)

Well that's page 5 of my Country Furniture selections. Once again if any wood working followers are out there, feel free to to build any of my Country Decorating range. Hopefully my Wood Working Plans of all products will be up soon.