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Welcome to my Wood Furniture or I should say, Country Furniture styled Side Table web page.I've had a lot of fun designing my Country Style Side Table over the years and as you will see a couple have gone a little into the Federation style tables. These side tables still remain one of my hottest selling items through the retail outlets. Perhaps simply that they will "fit" basically anywhere in the country house decorating theme. Wood furniture can easily be decorated with a wide range of accessories available in the market place today.

Side Tables Country Furniture Range.

As mentioned the Side Table has always been one of the greatest editions to your Country Furniture range and below you will find some of the variations that I manufacture at the moment. All selections of my Wood Furniture is made from Radiata Pine. Please note that a separate price window can be opened here for a full product list and price.

Country Furniture. Gossip Bench

Item 86
Gossip Bench
The gossip bench is approximately 1225mm in length and stands 785mm high ~ 48 1/4 inch x 31 inches high. The measurement front to back is approximately 400mm ~ 15 3/4 inches. I made one of these many years ago with the concept being a small seat connected to an open styled cabinet. This time I decided to add a handy drawer and include cupboard doors. With the telephone sitting on the cabinet you can sit beside and talk your heart out!

Side Table

Item 20
Side Table
Approximate measurements 985mm long x 290mm wide x 910mm high ~ 38 3/4 inches long x 11 1/2 inches wide x 36 inches high. A single central drawer becomes a handy storage area for those loose items. The gallery back is also made in other designs to suit customer demands.

Wood Furniture. Wooden Table with single central drawer. Handy lower shelf.

Item 19
Side Table with single drawer
Approximate measurements are 770mm high x 1200 long x 380mm in depth ~ 30 1/4 inches high x 47 1/4 inches long x 15 inches in depth. A gallery back can have the options of heart cut-outs or in a plain style. An extremely popular piece of my Country Furniture range. This Side Table also comes with slatted ends as per Side Table pictured below.

Side Table

Item 23
Side Table
Approximate measurements are 770mm high x 1200mm long x 380mm in depth ~ 30 1/4 inches high x 47 1/4 inches long x 15 inches in depth. A federation style side table with slatted ends. The bottom ledge is handy for decorations. Will fit into any Country Furniture theme nicely, however this picture was taken from the owners of a modern style house which had beautiful timber floors and also quite a bit of recycled hardwood furniture in the house.

Country Furniture. Sofa Table

Item 26
Sofa Table
Approximate measurements are 770mm high, 1260mm long and 380mm in depth ~ 30 1/4 inches high, 49 1/2 inches long x 15 inch in depth. This country sofa table looks great situated behind your lounge, beside the wall or in the hallway. Handles are shell type in antique bronze; however other varieties are available.

I hope you enjoyed the above selection of Country Furniture. Please click on any picture of a Side Table to see larger version.

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