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Country Furniture for the bathroom.
Not a lot of things I can help you with adding Country Furniture or Country Crafts to your bathroom. Toilet Paper Holders are always popular buying gifts and always fit into any Country Furniture theme. Benches and shelves normally have to be custom made to fit all the varieties of measurements of bathrooms. However I have put together a small selection of my popular timber bathroom accessories for your viewing.

Toilet Paper Holders and Bathroom Accessories.
If you have a house full of Country Crafts and are looking for more to country decorate your home, hopefully this small selection will fit in nicely. Please Click here for product price window to open separately. Please come back soon as I regularly accrue new ideas in my Country Furniture journey.

Toilet Paper Holders. "Hot Item"

Country furniture

Item 44
Wooden Bath Mat
The timber Country Bath Mat, one of those ‘must have’ Country Furniture bathroom products. Initially when you take a look at the bath mat you may think that these can be made quickly, but really they are very time consuming to manufacture. Staining and painting each individual piece is where the time is spent. Wooden Bath Mat measures 600mm x 410mm.

Item 51
Wooden Bath Shelf
The Wooden Bath Shelf is 700mm long ~ 27 1/2 inches. This product fits a large number of baths that are currently in the marketplace however as bath shapes are changing, you should check measurements prior to purchasing.

Toilet Paper Holders

Item 40
Toilet Paper Holders
Tired of seeing those toilet rolls sitting on the floor? Spruce up your toilet with this handy wooden toilet paper holders which is made to fit 4 rolls. Different varieties of the toilet paper holder are made, however internal measurements remain the same. Wooden Heart shapes attached to the front, rather than cut out are becoming popular.

Item 58
Toilet Brush Tidy
This item was made to cover those unsightly plastic varieties of toilet brushes you see in the marketplace. Both the Toilet Paper holders and Toilet Brush tidy compliment each other and your Country Crafts journey.

Country Crafts

Item 14
Toilet Roll Holder
Just a little item to add to items 40 & 58 above right. Another piece of Country Furniture from The Wooden Heart.

To see a larger image just click on any of my Country Furniture pictures. We hope you enjoyed my selection of Country Furniture, Country Crafts, and don't forget our popular item, the Toilet Paper Holders.

"Bringing Country Furniture to you"!