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Country Furniture and Country Wooden Boxes.
I some times can't believe how popular the Wooden Boxes, Wooden Chest and other small timber boxes are and how they always seem to fit into the Country decorating theme. It sometimes seems like I am manufacturing timber boxes full time, however nowadays I tend to manufacture these products in bulk, hence it gets a little easier. I hope you enjoy some of my collections.

Wooden Chest & other Timber Boxes.
Please note that the Wooden Chest and a few of the other boxes are finished in either dovetail or finger joints. The visualization of these types of joints look that much more pleasing to the eye, than the old but joint and is what makes country furniture a very popular type of timber product in Country decorating your homes. I have placed a link here to enable a separate window to open providing a full product price list for your convenience.

My Wooden Box selection is always a popular choice for your Country Decorating needs.

Wooden Chest

Item 1
Wooden Chest
Approximate measurements of the wooden chest is 870mm long x 450mm in depth and 475mm in height ~ 34 1/4 inches x 17 3/4 inches x 18 3/4 inches high. Hasp and side handles are in antique bronze. Finger joints are used to construct the Country Wooden Chest however blind dovetail joints can be ordered. A very popular piece of Country Furniture.

Wooden Boxes

Computer Buddy.
Approximately 240mm (9 1/2 inch) square with finger jointed sides. Lid lifts off with the help of an antique bronze knob. The wooden box could be used for a variety of other purposes.


Wooden Bread Box

Item 37
Bread Box
An old country crock to keep your bread in? Well I can’t argue with that! But, I hope you don’t have one of those ugly plastic ones? If you do, well this is your replacement one. A great gift idea for that country kitchen. Another popular piece of Country Furniture.

Wooden Box

Item 5
Produce Box
Approximate measurements 390mm x 278mm x 258mm high ~ 15 1/4 inch x 11 inch x 10 1/4 inches high. A wooden handle is used with the ends having cut-outs to enable lifting. Box has a multiple of uses such as storing potatoes or other vegetables or just a handy little junk box to help keep the room neat.

Slimline Wooden Box

Item 8
Slim Line Wooden Box
A low streamline look to this timber box. It stands approximately 70mm high ~ 2 3/4 inches.

Wooden Boxes

Item 12
Small Wooden Boxes
Random selection of small Country wooden boxes that can fit almost anywhere in the house. Boxes have finger jointed ends and brass hinges. Handy for those little treasures and Country Crafts!

Country Furniture

Item 6
Laundry Powder Box
This handy little wooden box is made to fit a 4 litre ice-cream container. A central knob in antique bronze allows the lid to be lifted off enabling laundry powder to be accessed. A great little gift idea!

I do hope you enjoyed my Country Furniture, Wooden Chest and Wooden Boxes selection.