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Whether you are starting off with Country Crafts or into Country Decorating, I do hope you enjoy my selection of Country Furniture and hope that you find plenty of ideas in amongst my Countryware and Homeware products.
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Country Furniture

Item 69
3 Tier Drawer Set
Approximately 460mm high x 260mm wide. A perfect wooden Country Drawer set to keep some of your smaller Country Crafts in. A popular item that many also choose to place within their Country Kitchen themes. Country Furniture or Country Decorating, you will find much more exciting designs throughout my web site! (Imperial ~ 18 inches high x 10 1/4 inches wide)

Country Decorating

Item 70
3 Tier Drawer Set
Approximately 460mm high x 360mm wide. Just the thing for some of your Country Crafts! This is currently my smallest version of the wooden drawer set and often finds its way into the kids bedroom. (Imperial ~ 18 inches high x 14 inches wide)



Country Furniture, Wood Craft

Item 71
2 Tier Drawer Set
Approximately 360mm high x 370mm wide. All Country drawer sets shown on this page can be used for a multiple uses. The imagination is up to you! A great piece of Country Furniture. (Imperial ~ 14 inches high x 14 1/2 inches wide)


Country Furniture

Item 85
Single Drawer Set
Approximately 246mm high x 330mm wide and 290mm in depth. The single drawer was made to fit normal sized country telephone books. Drawer is approximately 103mm deep (4 inches), allowing plenty of extras to be kept out of site. A handy piece of Country Furniture to help with your Country Decorating. (Imperial ~ 9 3/4 inches high x 13 inches wide x 4 1/4 inches in depth)

I hope you enjoy this selection of Country Furniture and I wish you all well in your Country Decorating search.

"Bringing the Country Furniture to you"!