The Wooden Heart Country Style Furniture

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you offer woodworking plans for your products
A: At the moment I am updating my woodworking plans and transferring them into computer format. Hopefully some time in the near future I shall be offering woodworking plans online.

Q: Do you offer Online Shopping facilities
A: I have looked into setting up an online facility, however with the wide range of different products I have available I can find no simple way of calculating cartage costs. So far the easiest way to purchase is via email requests and nominating where item is to be sent.

Q: Do you manufacture custom products by request
A: No I do not manufacture custom wood furniture products.

Q: Do you manufacture products in hardwood
A: A few of my items seen on the website are in hardwood, however the majority of Wooden Furniture and Homewares are manufactured with Radiata Pine. Cost efficiency and making my wooden furniture affordable to the majority is the reason I manufacture with Pine timber. ]

Q: Do you offer different stains
A:No, all my wooden products are stained in teak. Over the years I have found that my clientele have enjoyed this colour and by keeping all products in the same stain they can add to their Country Furniture and Homewares range.]

Q: Do you ship outside Australia
A: No, I no longer ship outside Australia.