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I hope you like these selections of my Country Style Furniture range. The Country Hall Stand seem to always be a regular piece of wood furniture that is found in many country decorating themes. In fact much of my wood furniture product lines are found in a wide diverse of house decorating themes.

Country Style Furniture

Please do come back soon as I regularly accrue new ideas for your Country Style Furniture journey. Our Country furniture price list can be accessed here and for your convenience an additional new window will open.

Wooden Hall Stand Item 30
Hall Stand
Approximately 800mm high with the top measuring 290mm x 355mm ~ 31 1/2 inch high, 11 1/2 inch x 14 inch top. The single drawer is opened with an antique bronze knob. Appealing bottom shelf at the bottom provides the finishing touches to the Hall Stand. Perhaps a single photo on top and a small county knick knack at the bottom may complete the theme? A very popular piece of wood furniture that will fit in nicely with your existing Country Style Furniture theme.


Country Style Furniture from my Wood Furniture range

Item 31
Hall Stand
Approximately 700mm high with the top measuring 340mm x 400mm ~ 27 1/2 inch high and 13 1/2 inch x 15 3/4 inch top. This Country Style Hall Stand can be used as a bedside cabinet or possibly in the living area with a decorated top and bottom. I'll leave all the Country decorating up to you! Wood furniture always looks great and never tends to go out of fashion, unlike many of the "modern" pieces that are available nowadays. Country Furniture is here to stay, and so is the love of creating your own special Country Style Furniture theme.

I hope you enjoy this selection of Country Style Furniture and I wish you all well in your Country Decorating search.

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