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Country Decorating and Wooden Picture Frames.
Below are some of my personal designs of my popular Wooden Photo Frames range. Please Click here for product price. An additional window will open.

Wooden Photo Frame

Item 68
Mini Ladder Frame
The same concept as the larger one to the left, however this frame hangs on the wall. Made to fit standard sized photos (150mm x 100mm ~ 6 inch x 4 inch). Extremely popular wooden photo frames that complement any Country Decorating theme!


Country decorating with Wooden Picture Frames

Item 47
Ladder Frame
Approximately 1800mm high (71 inches). Made to fit standard sized photos (150mm x 100mm ~ 6 inch x 4 inch).
Photos slip in from behind enabling you to change the theme at will. These wooden photo frames are made to lean up against the wall, however can be adapted to hang from the wall by simply adding hooks. A unique Country Decorating item that will get your friends talking. Please note that these wooden Photo frames could easily be adapted into Wooden Picture frames by using favourite Country Pictures and cutting to fit.

Wooden Picture Frame, the perfect Country Decorating Item.

Item 68
Mini Ladder Frame- Portrait style
The same wooden picture frame as above however is manufactured to fit photos in portrait style. These exclusive photo frames are my own design and have proved to be an extremely popular item over the years. Another great item for your Country Decorating theme.

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