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Quilt Racks, Country Crafts and Wood Furniture.
Initially when starting out manufacturing wood furniture we were not aware how large the market was for Country Crafts and Quilting, hence we had to design and add Quilt Racks and Quilt Shelf's to our wooden timber range. The Quilt rack or some would say Quilt Stand or towel stand is just another one of our popular timber furniture range. If you would like a separate price list window to open please just click here.

Quilt Racks

Item 49
Quilt Racks
One of our country favourites. Can be used for displaying your quilt or for airing those damp towels on a winter’s day. Any of these Quilt Racks will fit into your Country Decorating theme perfectly! My wooden Quilt Racks are a big seller locally.


Wood Furniture. Quilt Shelf

Item 55
Quilt Shelf
Approximately 805mm (31 3/4 inches) between left and right hand sides allows a larger quilt to be hung “straight”. This quilt shelf has sliding wooden beam underneath which allows easy manipulation and hanging of your quilt. Another great Wood Furniture idea.

Country Crafts

These clamps consist of two wooden timber bars that have some edge detail work done with a router. Both bars simply connect together with antique bronze fixtures, enabling quilt to be ‘clamped’ in between. These bars come in a selection of lengths, with the one pictured above (part picture only) being approximately 1245mm long ~ 49 inches. Would fit in nicely with any of the Quilt Racks.

Wood Furniture. Spool Rack

Item 77
Spool Rack
Tired of trying to locate particular cotton? Why not display the regularly used ones on the spool rack. Two handy little ‘junk bins’ are located at the bottom for all those little odds and ends and other items of Country Crafts. This item can look great just sitting on the floor or by simply attaching some hooks you can fix to the wall. A handy piece of Wood Furniture.

Country Crafts. Lil Helper

"Lil" helper
Central brass rod pulls out enabling you to fit a cotton reel. A simple concept that works well when working with large quilts etc. A perfect idea for your Country Crafts!

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