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One of the Country Decorating loves is "What to put on those walls"!
In my opinion there is no right or wrong in Country Decorating your Country Home, and the good old Country Crafts can look great also. Remember, it's your home, so make it as cozy as you wish, not what others wish. You will also find that over time your preferences and needs will change and as with any Country Decorating theme, you can change and reorganize any way you wish. Just Have Fun! Country Crafts, Shadow Box, Chalkboard, Wooden Photo Frame, Calendar Frame ...and the list can go on and on! Well you can't go too wrong with any of the selection of Australian Countryware listed below. It all makes Country Decorating too simple! Please Click here for full product price window to be opened separately.

Item 52
The Corkboard measures 710mm x 360mm and has a 4mm cork inlay. An alternative to the chalkboard shown below. The corkboard would suit any Country Decorating theme and is a great item to hang some of your specially designed Country Crafts. (Imperial measurements ~ 20 inches x 14 1/4 inches, 1/4 inch cork inlay)

Item 56
Shadow Box
560mm high, 400mm wide and 70mm in depth. A great little gift idea for the kid’s bedroom for all those special little items. Four small country pegs are situated at the bottom and make an ideal spot for hanging ribbons etc. Just the thing to put some of your Country Crafts on. (Imperial measurements ~ 22 inches high x 15 3/4 inches wide and 2 3/4 inches in depth)

Item 87
The top section has a cork (4mm) inlay, with the bottom being black chalkboard A handy duster ledge is situated at the bottom. Overall measurements are approximately 420mm wide and 700mm high. A great Country Decorating item! (Imperial measurements ~ 16 1/2 inches wide x 27 1/2 inches high, 1/4 inch cork)

ChalkboardItem 54
The chalkboard measures approximately 710mm x 360mm. A small ledge at the bottom holds chalk and duster. Handy to hang in the kitchen for the shopping list or reminders! Over the years the Black board had proved a very popular item. (Imperial measurements ~ 28 inches x 14 1/4 inches)

Wooden Photo Ladder Frame 

Item 47
Ladder Frame
Approximately 1800mm high. Made to fit standard sized photos (150mm x 100mm). Photos slip in from behind
enabling you to change the theme at will. This Wooden Photo frame is made to lean up against the wall, however can be adapted to hang from the wall by simply adding hooks. A unique Country Decorating item that your friend will love! A horizontal version is in "design mode" and I hope to have it up on the web site soon. (Imperial measurements ~ 71 inches high, fits 6 inch x 4 inch photos)

Small Wooden Photo Ladder Frame 

Item 68
Mini Ladder Frame
The same concept as the larger one above, however this Wooden Photo Frame hangs on the wall and is approximately 540 mm high.. Made to fit standard sized photos (150mm x 100mm). This Unique Timber Photo Frame is another one of popular products. (Imperial measurements ~ 21 1/4 inches high)

Portrait Photo Frame_Ladder Frame 

Item 68
Mini Ladder Frame
Portrait style
The same Wooden Photo frame as above however is manufactured to fit photos in portrait style. These wooden picture frames look absolutely great hanging side by side. Stands approximately 730mm (28 3/4 inches) high.

Wooden Shelf 

Item 66
Shelf (2 peg)
This Wooden Country Shelf is 600mm long and looks great on any wall. Other lengths are regularly manufactured to suit shop and customer needs. (Imperial measurements ~ 23 1/2 inches long)

Wooden Calander Frame 

Item 48
Calendar Frame.
Made to fit calendars 305mm x 305mm. Calendar slips in from behind and fits under rebated edges which stops the calendar edges from curling up. The perfect country gift which allows someone in the family an easy gift idea each year, (the calendar)! (Also available for USA style calendars) (Imperial measurements ~ 12 inch x 12 inch calendar)

Wooden Quilt Shelf 

Item 55
Wooden Quilt Shelf
Approximately 805mm between left and right hand sides allows a larger quilt to be hung “straight”. This quilt shelf has sliding wooden beam underneath which allows easy manipulation and hanging of your quilt. (Imperial measurements ~ 31 3/4 inches long)

Wooden Telephone Tidy 

Telephone Tidy
The telephone tidy fits to the wall via screws. A small opening on the back of the 'tidy' allows the Telstra wall socket to protrude, hence you can re-fix your telephone. A handy little drawer at the bottom hides all those pencils & note pads.


Item 90
Corkboard Chalkboard (large)
I had a request to manufacture a larger Cork and Chalk board in December 2004. The above board measures approximately 850mm high x 640mm wide, or in USA terms (where the order originated from), 33inches high x 25inches wide. The first one manufactured was shipped to New York USA and customers were extremely pleased with the end product.

Large Country Style Chalkboard or Blackboard

Item 97
Large Country Chalkboard
Well I knew it would happen. Someone saw the version above and now wants the large chalkboard. Measurements are approximately 850mm x 850mm (33 1/2 inches x 33 1/2 inches).



Quilting Clamp

These clamps consist of two wooden timber bars that have some edge detail work done with a router. Both bars simply connect together with antique bronze fixtures, enabling quilt to be ‘clamped’ in between. These bars come in a selection of lengths, with the one pictured above (part picture only) being approximately 1245mm or 49 inches in length.

There are plenty more great Country decorating ideas on any of my other link pages, so please feel free to look around. All of my Country Crafts and Australian Countryware are designed and manufactured in Australia by "The Wooden Heart", my private business.