The Wooden Heart Country Style Furniture

Woodworking Plans


We do hope you enjoyed our Country Style Furniture selections. Woodworking is one of our great leisure pastimes. I have been woodworking for many years now and still enjoy designing new and exciting woodworking plans that my clientele continue to purchase and demand. We ship many of our smaller wooden furniture items to many parts of Australia and in fact to several Countries outside of Australia. My woodworking plans have evolved over the years and as such a few woodworking items have been discontinued, however the large selling woodworking items have continued to be manufactured.

Wood Working Plans

It is amazing how many requests I have had in relation to if I provide woodworking plans for my Country Furniture. In the past I have decided not to disclose my woodwork plans to others, however it has come to a stage that my drawings are starting to fade, hence I am slowly putting the plans into computer format. At some stage in the near future we will be offering selections of my Woodworking Plans in a PDF format. My first offer of woodworking plans will be via a free woodworking book and will have a selection of some of my wood furniture products.

Free Woodworking Plans

As mentioned above, my Country Furniture plans are currently being transferred into computer format. I will be offering free woodworking plans in the near future. For efficiency purposes I am currently compiling an email list of those that wish to receive the free woodworking plans eBook. Please note that your email address will not be on sold and will be stored in a secure environment. For the introduction of my free woodworking plans eBook, please send email to the following:-